Retail Payments using Mobile Money via a mobile money payment app

Retail Payments using Mobile Money via a mobile money payment app. Our native app is available for use on Smart Phones, USSD Phones, and PoS devices. The app can be downloaded onto any Smart Phone, or USSD through short coding and equally can be downloaded onto any PoS device. Zeepay operating platform enables International Remittances to terminates onto Mobile Money Wallets, 3rd Party Wallets, Direct to Bank Accounts, or Cash Collection via Mobile and PoS Devices through Agent Network. We are a single point of entry for all Major Remittance partners and currently support transfers into 3major networks in Ghana’s mobile money wallets. We also support other third party related transactions and can customized to fit the purpose and needs of our customers. Although our core business partners are MNOs and Financial Institutions, we also have strategic partners like Payment Services Providers, Aggregators and other Institutional Partners. Zeepay enables direct transfer from bank accounts directly onto mobile wallets, from mobile wallets directly into bank accounts, and cash to wallet or bank account and wallet to cash. Bank customers irrespective of their bank can pay funds directly into their account real time online same day.

Name CEO: Andrew Takyi-Appiah (director)
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Ghana
Website: www.myzeepay.com
Twitter: @Zeepay2
Category: Payments & Transfers


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